Stellar 16' Touring Kayak (S16 G2)

Touring Kayak Stellar (S16 G2)

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The Stellar 16'(S16 G2) touring kayak builds off the success of the initial design and its decade in the market. The S16 G2 touring kayak waterline beam has been lengthened for some additional stability and the bow was made more plumb resulting in better efficiency and tracking.

In addition, a redesigned foredeck adds a little more height to allow for paddlers with larger feet. The S16 touring kayak has deeper cutaways so that  you will have a tighter and more efficient stroke. The S16S G2 features a lowered rim and the seat moved to the bow.  This results in easier back deck rolling.

Finally, an added a 3rd hatch on the fore deck allows for small item storage in easy reach.  For instance, your phone, VHF radio or snacks.

This link is to a great video review of the S16 G2 touring kayak (thank you Daniel Arbuckle) - The Mystery Behind The 2022 Stellar S-16 G2 - YouTube


  • Length: 16' 3" / 4.95m
  • Beam: 22.1" / 56.2cm
  • Depth: 12.72" / 32.3 cm
  • Paddler: 5' - 6'6" / 1.5m-1.9m
  • Capacity: 320 lbs / 145 kg
  • Cockpit W: 17.32" / 44cm
  • Cockpit L: 33.46" / 85cm
  • Bow Storage: 18.5 Gal
  • Stern Storage: 27.7 Gal

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