About Ocean Flight

Ocean Flight

Ocean Flight was founded by Bob in 2021 to promote paddle sports in southern California and in 2023 expanded to the PNW in the Gorge. Bob has been an avid water sports enthusiast for most of his 60 years. At a young age beginning in Virginia Beach, he and his two brothers built a a surfboard carrier so that they could bike 8 miles to the beach to surf. Over the years Bob has been active and travelled around the world for surf trips, downwind paddled and has raced in channel crossings (Molokai and Catalina). Bob has also participated in NCAA swimming and windsurfing (remember that?). In the past few, years Bob’s become most passionate about paddling his surfskis, because it combines his love of the ocean, water recreation, long-distance athletics, fine-tuned technique, competition and speed.

Ocean Flight will aspire to help build the paddle community by participating in and organizing different events and races throughout the year. Please feel free to give me a shout if you need help organizing an event or need additional participants. We are always up for an adventure!

Paddle on,